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the success of your video does not depend on the brand or model of camera you use


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Canon video seminars

These one-day seminars will be run in five cities around Australia:
  • Sydney - May 10 - SMC, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney (sorry full)
  • Melbourne - May 17 - Melbourne Zoo, Elliot Avenue, Parkville
  • Perth - May 19 - Perth Zoo, 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth
  • Adelaide - May 23 - Mercure Hotel, 125 North Terrace
  • Brisbane - May 26 - Mt Gravatt TAFE, Creative Industries Dept
Over the past two years there has been a revolution in image making - DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 1D Mk4 and other models have opened up the possibility of making full HD movies with an amazing cinematic quality. Stills photographers have been fascinated by the potential of the new features but have often floundered when they realize that making good short movies is nowhere as easy as it looks.
Highly experienced cinematographer and large-sensor video specialist, Pieter de Vries has teamed up with photography educator and writer Nick Rains to deliver the essentials of creating video content. They will cover the necessary hardware, sound recording, video shooting basics and editing software in an easy to digest format over four 90 minute sessions.
Pieter works with digital video in all flavours and will share with you the methods and techniques that have made him one of Australia's most respected cinematographers. Nick offers the perspective of 28 years as a stills photographer who has recognised and developed the potential of HD video for his business. 
It is certain that understanding and delivering mixed media content will be an incredibly useful tool as the publishing industry transitions to delivery on tablet computers, phones and iPads etc. Traditional print clients are beginning to request video clips from their stills photographers so an understanding of how to produce decent footage will be essential in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • DSLR camera controls, including the classic 5D Mark II (Nick)
  • lens choices - wide apertures, zooms, telephoto (Piet)
  • shooting video - the constraints of the camera design (Nick)
  • vital accessories: primes, viewfinders, shoulder rigs (Piet)
  • handheld shooting techniques (Piet)
  • tripod shooting techniques (Piet)
  • sound - an overlooked but critical aspect of video (Nick)
  • timelapse (Nick)
  • shooting for the edit - video clips are not stills (Piet)
  • editing software - iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Premier (Nick)

$330 incl gst - here is where you book