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the success of your video does not depend on the brand or model of camera you use


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Follow-up on the workshops

I've completed a month of workshops, travelling around the country with colleague, photographer Nick Rains. Our thanks go out to everyone who attended, and for the challenging Q&A sessions. Nick and I enjoyed it and we will be back again to run further training in your city. Here are just a few comments about the events:

"The full day event captured the intended audiences attention for the whole time which isn't an easy task"
Kym Meaney, Adelaide

"I thought the workshop was great. It gave me the answers I was looking for and much more"
Phil Cooper, Sydney

I'd happily recommend this to anyone just starting or wanting to expand their knowledge of using DSLR's and film production" 
Rich Wainwright, Perth

"Great venue, great speakers - fantastic day!" 
Paul Kane, Perth

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