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XYZ Networks training

XYZ Networks producers take on video and lighting training

I've just completed two days of training with four of XYZ Network's promo producers at the training HQat North Sydney. The two day course was crafted to give the producers a better understanding of camera and lighting processes. 

Day #1: cameras (Sony EX1, Z1 and PMW-F3) were explored and lots of clip screenings
Day #2: spent learning tripod techniques and an exterior location shoot around North Sydney. An intro to lighting in the afternoon

"Thanks again for such a great day on Thursday, really looking forward to the next one!"
Rhanna Collins, The Weather Channel

"Many thanks for an informative, entertaining and relaxing 2 days. I have come away motivated to get out and shoot for work and also personal fun"
David Tomley, Senior Promo Producer LifeStyle Channels