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the success of your video does not depend on the brand or model of camera you use


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What others have to say

Pieter's way of teaching is detailed, logical and extremely practical. He explains concepts, and then puts them in context. Almost every question you've ever pondered is answered, and always with good humour and enough repetition until you get it.

And then he followed up some days later with a terrific set of notes. It was the best, most confidence-giving training course I've ever done.Justin Murphy, "Collectors" ABC Television Hobart


"I just wanted to thank you for your very valuable training session and notes. I have already used a number of the ideas you suggested in video work here at the University (Tasmania) and it has made a significant difference" Christopher Allan Educational Developer and Design Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching Nov 2010

"I gotta tell you, I just looked at my rushes from today and compared them with the pre workshop stuff. We're just gob smacked at the difference" Ian Spruce, Grey Wolf Productions


“I did one of your weekend courses and it was probably the best training I have ever done, including my degree” Paul Searles, composer, The Gunnery, Singapore

“I very much enjoyed the day. It was inspiring to hear technique and camera theory articulated and illustrated so beautifully through your work. You've shown me the level of filming and cinematography that is possible to achieve. Hopefully now I can take my own camera work to the next level” Calum Stewart, Cinemedia Pty Ltd


“The material you presented, the pace, the level of detail and the style were all absolutely perfect for my needs. It's quite amazing to me how differently I now see video material” Michael N King, Quality Learning Australia

“You don't really know what you have learned until you are out there shooting and without realising it you are using the new skills learnt during the course” Ray Bull, Bullart, Victoria


“Pieter's camera lives as an extension of his creative mind. He dynamically milks situations, turning ordinary events into extraordinary visual experiences” Keith Richardson, Melbourne

“Thank you for the day and a half you spent with the Insight team. They all reported back saying what a great experience they'd had and how much they learnt. A very worthwhile experience” Paul Williams, Executive Producer, Insight, SBS Television