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The Russian Far East expedition

There is a lot to be said about the fortunes that come the way of a humble guy with his cameras. I've recently arrived back from one of the least visited parts of the world. To put it in perspective, less ships explore the Russian Far East, Kamchatka and the Kuril Island group than go to Antarctica each year!

Orion Expeditions are the masters of expedition cruising. With me were photographer Nick Rains and 360 degree panorama specialist Tony Redhead - they provided great company and I'm home a little wiser. Jad Davenport, a world class US based National Geographic photographer was also on board so there was rarely a dull moment.

Video highlights 


Here are some of my favourite location images all taken on a Canon 5D M3/24-105mm zoom - I just loved using this camera! There is a gallery of images from the trip here.





Image gallery from the Russian Far East Orion 2 Expedition voyage: June 2012