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In the Red Centre, Alice "Springs" to the Video Masterclass

 De Vries covered a range of topics - from framing and shot selection techniques, to equipment advantages and drawbacks as well as lighting theory and set-ups - all the while providing an interesting range of examples to illustrate his point, as well as spark conversation and discussion.

His soft and measured style made De Vries easily approachable and enabled those in the workshop to feel relaxed and free to ask questions as they arose and during the breaks.

FATANT and ACS are proud to have combined forces to bring someone of De Vries' calibe to Alice Springs and we look forward to holding more workshops there in the future - so keep an eye out on FATANT's Education and Training page for future events.

De Vries has a long-running connection with the Territory. His first-ever shoot captured the historic moment in 1975 when the Prime Minister Gough Whitlam poured soil into the hands of traditional owner Vincent Lingiari to symbolise the handback of land to the Guringji people. De Vries says he is keen to return in the near future - we hope he does!

FATANT's workshop series is funded through Screen Territory."