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the success of your video does not depend solely on the camera you use
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XYZ Networks training

XYZ Networks producers take on video and lighting training

I've just completed two days of training with four of XYZ Network's promo producers at the training HQat North Sydney. The two day course was crafted to give the producers a better understanding of camera and lighting processes. 

Day #1: cameras (Sony EX1, Z1 and PMW-F3) were explored and lots of clip screenings
Day #2: spent learning tripod techniques and an exterior location shoot around North Sydney. An intro to lighting in the afternoon

"Thanks again for such a great day on Thursday, really looking forward to the next one!"
Rhanna Collins, The Weather Channel

"Many thanks for an informative, entertaining and relaxing 2 days. I have come away motivated to get out and shoot for work and also personal fun"
David Tomley, Senior Promo Producer LifeStyle Channels

SMPTE workshop

SMPTE 2011 ACS workshops

A number of of the ACS cinematographers recently gave time to running a series of special events at the SMPTE conference and exhibition in Sydney.
For those who came our session, there was an opportunity to attend a forum conducted by myself and international photographer Simon Harsent. This was a ‘must see’ if you own a large sensor video camera or a DSLR and you wish to make the most of these camera’s abilities. Simon and myself know these cameras well, and we each brought our distinctive perspectives to show you exactly how to get the finest images that these cameras can deliver.

ABC Television

Six days training in camera and lighting for scholarship winner

Michael Atkin is the Andrew Olle Scholarship winner for 2011. As part of his schoarship package he spent a week with me at the ACS National HQ, North Sydney. There was numerous location shoots and lighting exercises during this time. Michael received the scholarship after pitching a major project which will be completed for different arms of the ABC in 2011.

Sydney Morning Herald training

DSLR Video workshop for the Sydney Morning Herald photographers

April and May workshops




November workshop

November workshop: the last for the year

My last Two Day Workshop for a small group. This workshop will be for a maximum of six participants so that we can do lots of location practice shoots!
This workshop is now fully booked


For further details of what is covered please download the training schedule


Student film

Student film shoot

Randwick College Advanced Diploma group has completed the shooting stage of their short film "Surprise"



smallgroup workshop

 Last weekend - the small-group workshop wraps

Thanks to this great group of willing participants who joined me last weekend for a few days of shooting around the streets of North Sydney. It's a great location with its little lanes, old terrace houses and parks. We finished up the course with a lighting session at the ACS National HQ, North Sydney. The perfect place for our base camp.

Congratulations to everyone for making it one of the best.

New workshop

Join the August small-group workshop

Sydney dates Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th August. For rundown sheet, please see here. The workshop will have around seven participants, so email early to reserve a place. For this small-group workshop, the cost is $375 + gst per person per day. The training workshop will conduct at the ACS National Clubhouse, North Sydney.
Btw, for news of upcoming workshops, and to keep informed of innovations in cinematography and lighting, I invite you to visit If you like it, please "Like" it, and I will keep you up to date.

Lights for video

What lights do you need?

I have just added a new article which may help you to choose a few lighting bits and pieces to add to you kit. Download it here

"Lighting is at the heart of all photography regardless of the format. It’s about using your camera to tell a story and the way that you, as the storyteller, use light to enhance that story.

Photographers and videographers alike observe natural light and the way it impacts on things. It could be harsh summer sunlight that casts strong overhead shadows, or a ray of warm late afternoon light that rakes across a room after a rain shower. Light, and the way it falls, sets a mood. One challenge for the videographer is to be able to observe these naturally occurring moods and recreate them with artificial lighting."