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You will learn so much more with two or three solid days of One-to-One training than you could ever learn by signing onto an online course or large group workshop

for every level of experience
Video Camera Training
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cinematographer | photographer | filmmaker | expeditioner


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Video Camera Training

Training One-to-One with cinematographer Pieter de Vries ACS

Nothing goes over your head and you won't sit through stuff that you already know. If you shoot video with a DSLR, a Mirrorless camera or a conventional video camera, you will gain your confidence so much faster than you could being part of a group workshop. One-to-One means you have every question answered, any shooting scenario explained.

You will learn more in two or three solid days of One-to-One training than you could ever learn by signing onto an online course or a one-night-a-week group class. This is the easiest, most cost-effective way to get the skills you want, at a time that suits you. Pieter is based in Sydney however training can be arranged in other centres.

Who could benefit

PRODUCTION STAFF who may be required to shoot videoPHOTOGRAPHERS transitioning to DSLR camera video  LEARN MORE 
DSLR USERS wanting to get the most from their camera  LEARN MORE MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCERS developing in-house expertise
VIDEO BLOGGERS using affordable equipment
COMPANIES providing staff with additional skills
DIRECTORS & PRODUCERS seeking technical knowledge


Training for Government and Corporate Media Teams

Video is the most powerful communication tool, and training will develop the in-house skills needed to create high quality video and deliver it as multi-platform content. Each course thorougly covers both the technical and creative aspects of videography. Participants will be shown how to take control of every camera settings, freeing them to explore the creative aspects of filmmaking, knowing that they are always getting the best possible video and audio.

overview videocameraVIDEO CAMERA SKILLS 
Learn techniques that enable you to tell a compelling story with a video camera, DSLR or Mirrorless camera  LEARN MORE 
  overview dslrSTILL TO MOTION 
Photographers who want to add video production to their list of services - this training is for you  LEARN MORE 
Reporters who can confidently pick up a video camera and shoot their own news stories are in high demand  LEARN MORE 
  overview corporateVIDEO FOR COMPANIES 
For companies with media units and production facilities who want to raise the quality of their video content  LEARN MORE