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The quality of your video does not depend on the camera you use
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Video Production Training
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Video Camera Training

Training One-to-One

Nothing goes over your head and you won't sit through stuff that you already know. If you shoot video with a DSLR, a Mirrorless camera or a conventional video camera, you will become competent so much faster than you could being part of a large workshop. One-to-One gives you the freedom to have every question answered, any shooting scenario clearly explained. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the skills you need, training at a time that suits you. You will leave confident and inspired. PDV is based in Sydney however training can be arranged in other centres

Training for small groups

Training for small groups can also be arranged. Invite a friend or collegue to join you and share the costs or combine a work team. Each course listed, thorougly covers both the technical and creative aspects of videography. You will be shown how to take full control over every camera settings, freeing you to explore the creative aspects of filmmaking, knowing that you are always getting the best possible video and audio.

overview videocameraVIDEO CAMERA SKILLS 
Learn techniques that enable you to tell a compelling story with a video camera, DSLR or Mirrorless camera  LEARN MORE 
  overview dslrSTILL TO MOTION 
Photographers who want to add video production to their list of services - this training is for you  LEARN MORE 
Reporters who can confidently pick up a video camera and shoot their own news stories are in high demand  LEARN MORE 
  overview corporateVIDEO FOR COMPANIES 
For companies with media units and production facilities who want to raise the quality of their video content  LEARN MORE 


This is what clients say

  • "Learning from you has been a most pleasurable experience, you are an outstanding teacher with quality and professionalism at the centre of all your work"
    Joy Baines, Digital Media Unit, Australian Bureau of Statistics

    "Can’t thank you enough for last week. Got way more than I could have hoped for out of the 3 days!! - you are an amazing teacher"
    Martin Ireland, Sennheiser Australia      

  • "Almost every question you've ever pondered is answered, and always with good humour. It was the best, most confidence-giving training I've ever done"
    Justin Murphy, ABCTV Producer Hobart Tasmania

    "Thank you for an invaluable weekend as our private tutor in cameracraft. In terms of honing our production skills, you are a miracle worker"
    Ruth Ostrow, Videographer and Senior Journalist, The Australian

  • "Your presentation of the material, equipment know-how and theoretical in-depth knowledge is awesome. What's more you are happy to share and engage the creative gene"
    Michael Abelev, Design & Engineering Manager at Miller Tripods

    "You really put the "multi" in multimedia!. You have really inspired me to get out there and produce some short online pieces"
    Steve Lunam, Photographer Fairfax Media

  • "It was like being in the desert and then someone comes along and gives you a nice cool glass of lemonade. That’s what it was like being a student of Pieter’s"
    Nays Baghai, National Film School student

    "It exceeded my expectations and it was delivered with clarity and detail without being confusing"

    Craig Spittle photographer, Perth WA

  • "I had so much fun and your patience and sense of humour was much appreciated. You shed light on what was previously a mysterious world of cameras, lenses, lights and audio so thank you very much"
    Eva Bridie

    "I got so much out of the sessions, and feel like it was just what the doctor ordered before heading back to Papua"

    Thomas Powell Davies, PhD candidate in Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge

  • "I had so much fun and your patience and sense of humour was much appreciated. You shed light on what was previously a mysterious world of cameras, lenses, lights and audio so thank you very much"
    Eva Bridie

    "I really am pleased I found you and made the decision to come up and complete this training with you. It really has brought me back up to a more confident and competent level"
    Melissa Holden, Melbourne